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Farm History

Funk's Blueberries Barn

Farm History

Isaak and Elizabeth Funk bought the Downes Road property in 1964. At that time the land was mostly trees and bush. After years of travelling from Vancouver to clear the land and build a house, they finally moved onto that property in 1969. Four children were in tow, and five more children were added to the family over the years, filling the rooms of the home that Isaak built.

Strawberries and raspberries were eventually planted with the addition of blueberries in 1979. Along with the berries, Elizabeth was thrilled to be able to plant a large vegetable garden, which would help feed her growing family. To this day, she still works in the garden and loves having her hands in the soil!

The children loved living on the farm, sharing the many acres with chickens, cows, goats, and at times, pigs. They all had chores to do and contributed to the work load.

Funk-Family-Easter-2014As the family grew and spouses were added, the farm continued to operate, with the addition of more acres of blueberries. Strawberries and raspberries did not flourish on the land, yet blueberries seemed to thrive. Isaak continued to farm until he was 81 years old.

In July 2008, Isaak passed away after a brief battle with cancer. It was a difficult time, but the family was committed to supporting their mother and carrying on the work of the farm. They all enjoy working together and continue to run the farm. The addition of 21 grandchildren and “farm workers” has been a big blessing! As the grandchildren are growing older, they too, are contributing to the harvesting and processing of the berries.

The Funk clan values family, faith and integrity. Their goal is to provide the best quality of fruit for you! We trust you will enjoy the big delicious berries!

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** We will be open for the season in July 2015. The exact opening day will be announced by mid-July. **