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U-Pick Policy

blueberry u-pick abbotsford

Blueberry U-Pick Policy

Update to u-pick policy:
– According to new guidelines from health officials, all pickers will be required to purchase buckets from the farm. These will not be reusable, and you will have to purchase new ones each time you come.
– Follow the signs directing you to the correct field for that day or check in at the barn.
–  Hand sanitizer will be available in the field as well as at the barn.
– Stay in the row assigned to you and pick all of the ripe berries on each plant before moving on to the next plant.  Only pick the berries that you plan to buy.
– Picking is a great outing for families, however, we ask that your children pick beside you and do not run up and down the rows.
– NO pets allowed.

Further Covid 19 restrictions:
– Do not come to the farm if you have a fever, cough or have trouble breathing.
– Please respect social distancing rules while waiting at the barn or in the u-pick fields.
– All pickers must purchase buckets provided by the farm.
– No eating while in the fields.
– We request no “groups”. Please stay within your family household.
– We will try to update our website as requirements change but may not be able to update all changes as procedures are changing regularly.

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** We will be open for the season in July 2015. The exact opening day will be announced by mid-July. **